Top Diving Destinations in Hollywood & USA

Top Diving Destinations in Hollywood & USA

There are many different top dive sites located all around the USA and in popular destinations such as Hollywood, California and Florida areas. Whether you’re new to scuba diving or are a seasoned professional, you are sure to find spots to dive that will provide you with a fun and thrilling time.

From shipwrecks to tropical fish and marine life, there’s so much to see when experiencing this underwater lifestyle. When preparing for your next dive excursion, be sure to consider some of these best and most well-known places to dive throughout the United States.

Big Rock, Malibu

When searching for spots to scuba dive in and around Hollywood, there’s no better place to visit than Big Rock in Malibu. This LA County destination is close to the popular city of Santa Monica and offers a wide variety of fish to see when diving here.

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In addition, kelp and pinnacles located close to the shore make this a must-see dive spot for even the most beginner divers.

Big Rock offers a visibility level 5 to 15 feet with a depth recommendation of 60 feet for novice divers. You may choose to enter from sandy beach access or rocky boulders, depending on your skill level.

Leo Carillo, Malibu

Head to Leo Carillo, Malibu for another top diving spot in the LA region. There are many different things that you may see while diving here that each excursion offers a completely new and exciting experience.

From sharks and stingrays to halibut and schools of perch found within the kelp forests, you’ll find it all within the underwater beds in Leo Carillo.

Enter from a fairly sandy area with few rocks with water visibility at 10 to 25 feet. The recommended depth for advanced beach divers is a maximum of 100 feet while novice beach divers should dive no more than 60 feet in depth.

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