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Code of Conduct for Skirmish Airsoft

Any player that ignores the rules of airsoft will be removed from the game. If this behaviour is persistent, they can even be removed from the site. Various rules are applied to ensure that everybody has a safe and enjoyable experience. Joining an airsoft games means you agree to comply with these rules. If you are interested in reading about the laws of Airsoft, visit this site.

Quick Summary:

  • Take your hits
  • If you see others not taking their hits, you need to tell a Marshall
  • If you are within 3m, don’t discharge the weapon, instead shout ‘BANG’
  • Avoid head shots
  • No digging holes or climbing trees as it is a ground level game

Eye protection must be worn at all times, unless you are in a designated safe zone. You can also purchase full face protection, however this is not necessary but you must be aware of the risks.

Suitable footwear is a must as the terrain at the sites is often uneven and has many trip hazards. Visit this airsoft map.

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What to do when you are hit?

  • Shout ‘HIT’. If you don’t say this, you will continue to be shot
  • Raise your hand in the air and your airsoft weapon so other members know you are non-combat

Understanding Game Play

  1. You can’t camp out at re-spawn points (if you suspect this is happening, tell the Marshal)
  2. Don’t shout out at other players if you believe they aren’t following the rules, again, tell a marshal
  3. Throughout the game, you will be in close quarters, which is why it is important to ALWAYS remember the 3m rule
  4. Safe zones are used for reloading

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